Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fun New Website

It's amazing how much my love for shopping has diminished. Of course I still enjoy a quick trip to White House Black Market, but I'd rather play with Gracie outside these days than spend a whole day at the mall. As a result, I've turned to any on-line opportunity I can find and my searching led me to a fun new website for handbags and shoes. The site is and it was started by They carry name brand shoes for women, men, and kids! It's fabulous!!! Check it out when you have a moment...and happy shopping!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Blogging Drought...

Wow - a whole month since we've last posted. Needless to say, it's been a crazy and busy month (although I realize that is really no excuse for not taking two minutes out of my day to post). For those of you that have missed us, here are a few of the highlights over the past month (in no particular order):

1) Kelvin Sampson is officially no longer the IU basketball coach. $750,000 later, Dan Dakich will take over as our new "interim" coach.
2) Our friends Matt and Alison have announced that Baby Hunt will join us in August 2008. Congrats to them!
3) Gracie went sledding for the first time! I have a few photos of this which I will post later this weekend, but she had a great time sledding with Papa Tuff, Grandma Alys, Mommy, Daddy, Great Grandpa and Gram. After two hours of pulling her up the hill, Mommy and Daddy were definitely worn out!
4) I made it through another board meeting. You see, that's what started this ridiculous blogging drought. I promise not to let that happen again :)
5) The Fighting Irish basketball team is on a roll...they are great fun to watch. Harangody for Player of the Year? Or perhaps DJ White?
6) I spoke with Shana the other night and got the update on her wedding plans. As always, Shana was hysterical and made me laugh for a solid 40 minutes. We can't wait to travel to San Fran in June and celebrate with her and Scott!
7) Our friend Joe turned 30 and we celebrated at Club LaSalle. Gosh...turning 30 this year is not going well. Although I still have approximately 90 days, it's really taking a toll on me. Stay tuned to see how I cope with this in May.
8) Happy Anniversary to Scott and Kara Coryn - today is their 5th anniversary!
9) Gracie was able to spend the night with Aunt Missy, Uncle Brian, Lauren and Drew last weekend. She had a great time and was exhausted when we came home. I think Drew chased her around the house about 500 times..thanks Drew! When can she visit again? :)
10) Perry was featured in a local magazine. They did an article about local musicians who make their own instruments. It was a great article that highlighted his gorgeous handmade guitars.
11) I met Bob for lunch yesterday - it was fun to catch up with him. We followed that up with dinner with Patty and Elly...that was even better! (just kidding, Bob!)
12) Gracie had a fabulous Valentine's Day party at school last week with all of her friends, especially her boyfriends Wyatt and Max.
13) Vic and Perry got a new puppy!
14) Oh, and just a few "minor" things that happened this week...our country shot down a toxic spy satellite, the space shuttle landed safely, J. Lo gave birth to twins, tori spelling announced she's pregnant again, and did I mention that Kelvin Sampson was fired?

It's great to be back...we'll post again later this weekend!